Full Moon Supermoon Total Lunar Eclipse at 0° Leo – Monday January 21/20, 2019 12:16am EST

Eclipse season has a way of spinning you around, and when the spinning stops, you will likely find yourself facing in a new direction. Now is the time to seize your power! Hopes and dreams are not easily attained, said anyone ever, and you may find that current responsibilities which have grabbed your attention need to be dealt with first, before before the fun begins. By April, you will feel as though you have gained more control and security for yourself.

If you have any Full Moon rituals, or practices, whether they be carried out alone, or with friends, enact them for your highest and best interest toward the fulfillment of your important goals. Relationships are a huge focus for many at this time, and bonds can either be made or broken. Give yourself the space of a few Full Moon cycles to really feel that you are coming into your own, and better able to enjoy the comforts you feel you deserve. Now is the time to be passionate about your changes; do not skimp on the details, for this leg of your journey needs your undivided attention. This time around you are learning to choose differently.

By the next Full Moon, you may feel like Houdini, for you will not believe the things which have happened. This Lunar Eclipse comes as part of a challenging five months, but you are creating new roads for yourself and will come out the winner. This is such a powerful eclipse and there will not be another Leo eclipse again for a number of years. Do the work; create the magic; rise to the challenge. There is nothing easy here to be seen. This is a time to confront your fears and make life happen. You will need to assess along the way, and things may not turn out as you thought, but know that you will have what you need.  To hear my in-depth Tarot Guidance for this Full Moon Supermoon Total Lunar Eclipse, follow me on Patreon or in my Members Only Area on Facebook.

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