Featured Card of the Day – 3 of Pentacles – Way of the Panda Tarot

Panda Message:

A chewer, a climber, a joker – we are here to harvest the bamboo together. We share our skills and talents to help each other achieve what we cannot achieve alone, and we bring the bamboo stalks back to the other pandas in case their stomachs get forlorn!

Light Attributes:

community, collaboration, combining talents, harmony

Shadow Attributes:

disagreements, division, one-upping, a “panda-eat-panda” world

From the Way of the Panda Guidebook written by Kimberly M. Tsan

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Artwork by Celia Libelle


Instagram: celialibelle_illustrations

Also comes with The Book of Pandas ~ The Official Guide to Walking the Way of the Panda

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