Featured Card of the Day – 10 of Cups – Lightseer’s Tarot by Chris-Anne Donnelly

Artist: Chris-Anne Donnelly

Key Concepts

Light Seer: community, love, soulmates, harmony in relationships, family, divine connections, heart opening and expansion, wholeness, completion

Shadow Seer: miscommunication, disharmony or disputes, struggling relationships, a need for deeper connection, a delay in arrival

Message from the 10 of Cups

This is a time of harmony and wholeness! This card has the powerful energy of connected hearts, giant love and devoted acceptance. It embodies emotional fulfillment and happiness, and, it’s often seen as the ‘one big happy family’ card. It’s the giant yes for relationships and love, and often predicts your fairy-tale ending or the arrival of a soulmate. (And hey, you get to decide what this happy ending looked like.) In this oneness, reciprocal relationships become the solid foundation for your heart’s expansion, and energy flows into abundance with ease.

Is there something that you need to do in order to bring some of this harmony-and-joy-unicorn dust into your relationships? In shadow, this card suggests that you need to look at how you feel about yourself and your commitments within your relationships. Is there a breakdown of connection or a rebuilding that needs to be done? If you are looking for the ‘white picket fence’ in order to find happiness, remember that your joy will only come from the inside-out. By waiting for other people (or better things!) to create happiness for you, you’ll be giving away the most powerful tools you have to create this 10 of Cups life: your gratitude, your love, and your kindness. When seeking a realignment within your relationships, let your common values guide you. Look for ways to infuse your interactions with hones dialogue, empathy, and loving compassion. Focus on them instead of on you, and give others the gift of your energy through your generosity of time, service, and love.

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