Featured Card of the Day – 2 of Swords – Lightseer’s Tarot by Chris-Anne Donnelly

Artist: Chris-Anne Donnelly

Key Concepts

Light Seer: stalemate, a crossroads, making a difficult choice, opposing ideas or options, choosing the best route of action, memory and thought

Shadow Seer: a difficult choice, the angst of the unknown, between a rock and a hard place, fear of commitment

Message from the 2 of Swords

Decide. Decide. Decide. Decide now. The feeling of not knowing? I feel ya’. It’s time to make a choice and it may seem like you are between a rock and a hard place. Know that the only reason you feel this way right now is because you can’t see the bigger picture…yet. The Two of Swords is whispering that you must move in one direction or the other because the big picture won’t arrive until you do. By avoiding this decision, you are allowing the landscape to shift around you, without your input or your preference. While outside opinions may be pulling you in two directions, it’s time to close your eyes and listen to your internal landscape for the answer. If your intuition is being overly quiet, it’s leaving it up to you to trust yourself to make the right decision. If you need some time to think, take it…but don’t bury your head in the sand. Even in blindness you know the best way forward! When you choose your path, the future will reveal itself, and your intentional movement will help to move things towards a ‘best-case scenario’. With all of your logic and emotion, intuition and reason, have faith that the Universe is serving up the right experience for you at this time. Know that you can only do your best using the information that you have, so take a committed step in one direction. At the crossroads of duality, analysis and over-thinking will just get you buried in the quicksand of a million possible endings, so find peace of mind by trusting your judgment.

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