Featured Card of the Day – The Chariot – Lightseer’s Tarot by Chris-Anne Donnelly

Artist: Chris-Anne Donnelly

Key Concepts

Light Seer: determination, victory, speed and action, harnessing opposing forces and moving them in the same direction, success, travel, haste, confidence, power, being in control

Shadow Seer: a need to focus your energy, lack of self-discipline, aimlessly charging ahead, self-doubt, lack of control

Message from the Chariot

The Universe constantly gifts us with the opportunity to become more. Push ahead with determination, beautiful seer, because you will get there! While you are on the way to your goal, you will need to make decisions about your best path forward. You will change and grow when you hurdle ahead, as your evolution is imminent right now. This magical moment for taking inspired action whispers ‘you will manifest this!’ Go ahead and find extreme optimism! If you feel pulled in two different directions, know that you can use both of these energies to thrive, and that there’s a way to get them both on the same page. Seek to align your task with your purpose or with spiritual desires that you have, and give yourself all the wings you can as you move towards your swift resolution, completion and achievement. In shadow, take care not to boulder your way through other people, or to use them carelessly on your way up the mountain. Flying forwards without paying attention to your path can sometimes be harmful to those in your wake. It’s time to choose the thing you really want…and if you aren’t sure what that thing is, then you may need to buckle down and find your north. (Say hello to self-discipline) Remember that the most expansive of journeys have the lessons of hills and valleys, and that even the brightest of lights are pulled and pushed in order to evolve. It’s time to make plans, set goals and spark dreams! Move ahead with clear focus, confidence, and control.

Connect with Chris-Anne Donnelly:

Website: http://www.Chris-Anne.com

Facebook: Chris-Anne.com/Pixelbrand

Instagram: pixiecurio

Twitter: @_ChrisAnne

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