Featured Card of the Day – 6 of Pentacles – Lightseer’s Tarot by Chris-Anne Donnelly

Artist: Chris-Anne Donnelly

Key Concepts

Light Seer: the two-way abundance of giving and receiving, being charitable, a positive and generous mindset, financial advancement, an awakening, in flow

Shadow Seer: over-giving or over-receiving, hoarding, being uncharitable, being judgmental about another person’s lot in life, being selfish, blocking flow

Message from the 6 of Pentacles

Open yourself up to the flow of two-way abundance from the Universe. This card marks a time in your life when material resources are beginning to flow to you, and when you will find yourself in a position of balances accounts and good fortune. Sometimes this means we are the hand that gifts, and other times we are the hand that receives. We all experience both sides of these states in life, and we are always able to use our energetic resources to help others. They are life-changing for those in need. Donate your time, money, or energy, to someone, or something, that moves your soul, and take action from a place of genuine love and authentic generosity. Your desire to help others will not only be deeply appreciated, but this will put you on the path of two-way flow, and you will be able to give and receive fluidly and easily from this state. Be generous with everything you have learned along the way, and enjoy the prosperity that comes with this beautiful and abundant state of resource permeability. It feels good to help others, right? Generous? Heart-centered? This is the feeling you are being asked to cultivate. It will open up the floodgates of new resources coming your way. Learning and teaching. Gifting and Accepting. Cultivate a practice of continual flow at this time. In shadow, this card can suggest selfishness or using a ‘gift’ as a means to control someone or something. Make sure your charitability comes with no expectations to receive, and that generosity isn’t a mere stepping-stone to power, status, or righteousness. Intentions always matter. Opening your heart to this sacred balance of loving generosity for the sake of generosity will help to fill in any gaps you have around scarcity and abundance, and it will shower your life with compassion, kindness and prosperity.

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