Featured Card of the Day – Ace of Wands – Way of the Panda Tarot

Panda Message:

If you want to be a cool panda like me, fire up your creative engines and unleash the playful powers within. Mmm, what’s that? This magic stick I’m holding? You can’t touch this, sorry. Besides, you gotta find your own stick! Otherwise, it just won’t work.

Light Attributes:

creative sparks, inspiration, inner fire, playfulness, infinite potential

Shadow Attributes:

restlessness, creative overload, rampage, misuse of power

From the Way of the Panda Guidebook written by Kimberly M. Tsan

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Artwork by Celia Libelle


Instagram: celialibelle_illustrations

Also comes with The Book of Pandas ~ The Official Guide to Walking the Way of the Panda

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