Featured Card of the Day – Temperance – Lightseer’s Tarot by Chris-Anne Donnelly

Artist: Chris-Anne Donnelly

Key Concepts

Light Seer: alchemy, blending energies, harmony, moderation, masculine and feminine balance, duality and amalgamation, the fluidity of time, meditation, the perpetual motion of life

Shadow Seer: disharmony, clashing interests, oil and water, a need to practice moderation in some aspect of your life, severity, imbalance

Message from Temperance

Temperance ushers in harmony, alchemy, and duality. It’s time to bring yourself to a beautiful equilibrium by seeking moderation and balance. Sometimes, this means that you must blend more than one idea together, or more than one solution into the perfect answer for your unique situation. You are being asked to evaluate where your precious energy is being sent, and the effect that this choice has on everything else in your life. Where are things out of whack? Maybe you’ve been overdoing it in your social life? Or binging on Netflix, drinks, food, or overspending? Is it a relationship that needs more mutual energy and support? Or something that’s overly materialistic? Go-go-go v. couch potato coma? (You get the picture here: bring that fluctuating energy right down to a level calmness in your current situation.) We live in a world of extreme passion and heated hustle, so slowing down the desire for excess in any one are of your life may be harder than you think. Don’t do drastic this week. Don’t take sides. Stay away from ‘all or nothing’ choices, and walk the middle path. In shadow, Temperance warns against over-indulging on any one thing. It can indicate a need to find wholeness elsewhere. Temperance gently nudges you back on track and asks you to look inside to find more meaning and purpose. It’s time to align yourself with your perfect alchemical blend. Find your ever-elusive balance by being measure with your resources, incorporating all of your beauty and your flaws, and work the elements to achieve your most hones amalgamation of beautiful things.

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