Card of the Day – 10 of Pentacles – Tuesday, June 9, 2020

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Today is all about the family unit.  Who is your family?  Is it the people to whom you are related through birth, or is it a blending of those who love you unconditionally?  That is a very big question, as we continue our celebration of Pride Month and #loveislove.  We are all equal, and should be free to be with whomever we choose to love.  That brings me to the most vulnerable members of all, the children.  It is difficult to fathom that in this day and age, places like Tennessee would sign into legislation a bill banning gays from adopting, when there are so many children waiting in the system who would love to have a family.  Mind you, this is not meant as a political post, it is meant as a look-around-you-and-see-what-a-family-looks-like-today post.

When we see the 10 of Pentacles, there is a sense of permanence and wisdom; we have the elders who pass down their experiences and stories for future generations, and we have those who are working to provide, and those who are still in a nurturing stage.  Security within the family is not promised here, but it is a right, one that should be available to all.  Here it is almost Summer, and families are gathering for graduations, and celebrations of all types.  Today, let us celebrate those who are your family, whether through birth, or otherwise, and the special place which they hold in your life.  You can hear my Tarot Card of the Day every day on the PodBean app, or through your favorite podcast platforms.

See you here tomorrow!

Source:  Dr. Franky Dolan for the Pride Tarot, US Games Systems

This card was last seen May 30, 2020

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