Card of the Day – The Chariot – Saturday, June 27, 2020

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I often liken the Chariot card to the final minutes of an ‘Indian Jones’ movie, where our hero is hanging on for dear life, being drug by a vehicle moments from careening off a cliff.  As that famous music plays in the background, he fights his way to the front; he is victorious!  He gains control of the vehicle, just in the nick of time, thereby saving the day.  This is you, perhaps not in such spectacular glory with all of the fanfare, but taking back the reins in an area of life where things may have been getting a bit out of hand – well, that is victorious indeed!

The Chariot card is a card of free will, victory, and control.  This is definitely not a “Jesus, take the wheel” vibe, for you are the one taking charge, and in the driver seat.  Whether it is a move to avert certain disaster, or merely feeling as though you have a say in the matter, today’s Chariot speaks volumes to what you can can when you set your mind to it.  With Mars moving into home sign of Aries today, you can definitely take charge and take that wheel!  Have you listened to my July Love and Finance Tarot Guidance?  It is available now on Patreon, or in my Members Only Area.

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Source:  Callie French for the Pride Tarot, US Games Systems

This card was last seen March 10, 2020

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