Card of the Day – 2 of Cups – Sunday, September 27, 2020

Make that connection! Mercury may be in shadow, causing you to be cautious when it comes to forming new relationships. However, there is a trine building, happening tomorrow, between Venus, Goddess of Love, and Retrograde Mars, planet of action, giving you the green light in matters of coupling and commitment. It need not be that serious, perhaps today you begin with an online encounter, connecting you with someone, where the two of you hit it off, and there seems to be potential. Two things I previously mentioned here…Mercury in shadow, and Retrograde Mars…hmmm…the possibility of a re-connection with someone you already know is certainly a possibility.

The 2 of Cups covers all types of commitments and connections, including, but not limited to, love. There is a need, in order for things to work, to bring respect, equality, and generally being on the same page, to the relationship. If you can not see eye-to-eye, then it may well not be for you. Just remember that Venus is working hard on your behalf today, should you be interested in meeting anyone. My October Love and Finance Tarot Guidance is available on PodBean, through your favorite podcast providers, Patreon, or in my Members Only Area on Facebook.

See you here tomorrow!

Source: Whispering Spirits Tarot by Joanna Nelson Studio

This card was last seen July 26, 2020

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