Card of the Day – Page (Princess) of Cups – Friday, October 16, 2020

New Moon blessings! Today is the New Moon 23° Libra, and this Page of Cups signifies some form of new beginning being available to you. When the Pages of the Tarot show up, you really need to be paying attention, as they are messengers, but the delivery of the message may be subtle, and therefore escape your observation. In this case, with the Page of Cups being here today, your intuition is necessary, to help you to look beneath the surface, guided by Mercury Retrograde in the sign of Scorpio. The Scorpio energy is not only intuitive, Scorpio will dig deeper than anyone to get to the truth. So, today’s message may indeed by something below the surface which you need to uncover.

An important thing to remember with this card is that there is no such thing as coincidence. If you find yourself thinking about how a sequence of events today played off of one another, you need to stop and consider what part the Universe may be playing in all of it. My New Moon Tarot Guidance is available on Patreon ~ or in my Members Only Area on Facebook (accessible by clicking on “Use App” at the top of my Facebook page)

See you here tomorrow!

Source: Chalice Tarot

This card was last seen August 24, 2020

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