Card of the Day – 10 of Cups – Friday, February 5, 2021

Sorry, there will be no audio today as I am still not out of the woods yet.

But, would you look at these cards! Have you been paying attention? I must admit this one reminds me it is wedding season on the Hallmark Channel. Now, do not laugh because they are actually a good example of the premise behind the 10 of Cups. The bliss you see in their movies, which admittedly feels unattainable for most, embodies the emotional fulfillment and happiness this card represents.

Perhaps you know someone who is marrying this weekend, or is getting engaged. There is indeed a great deal of happy happy – joy joy here, and it is not necessary to have a wedding to feel it. All of this week’s cards through Sunday are exceptional, indicating that you, too, can find some positive moments in your day.

See you here again tomorrow!

Source: Cosmic Cycles Tarot by Martina Razo

This card was last seen December 30, 2020

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