Card of the Day – The Tower – Thursday, March 18, 2021

I know. I know. You have been taught to fear the Tower card, but you really should not. This is not anything crazy happening, or even about life imploding, and drastic change. Today, it is about you and those around you. There is a need, being felt by the masses, for an energy shift, and that will not happen for two more days, at the time of the Vernal Equinox. The build of Pisces has probably hit overload for you, and the need for change can cause a lack of patience, and you may find many people needing to blow off a little steam. There could be a whole lot of venting taking place, filling your social media, all due to a minor aspect, which could be influencing things just a bit. I feel if you know who does not handle things well, and always blows a fuse at the drop of a hat, then you will know who to avoid. Otherwise, it feels like impatience, wanting things to change right now, and the frustrations which come with such delays.

The Tower card can signify sweeping change, often being due to the tearing down of old outdated structures in life, in order to give way for new and better things. Normally, there is a cleanup period, removing the debris, then putting into place a firm foundation, in order to build something which will withstand life events much better. You are actually at, or on the verge of, the building part, so be patient with yourself over the next couple of days, and once Fire energy enters the picture, you will see how much faster things begin to go. Do not forget to listen to my April Love and Finance Tarot Guidance, available for FREE this month on PodBean and YouTube, or as part of a subscription through my website the Patreon app, or in my Members Only Area.

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Source: Sortilegium Tarot by Natalia Velez, a successful Kickstarter

This card was last seen December 16, 2020

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