Card of the Day – The Wheel of Fortune – Wednesday, June 9, 2021

The Wheel certainly never loses its mystique, and it remains a fan favorite around here. The timeliness of this particular appearance seems rather significant indeed, with tomorrow being a New Moon Annular Solar Eclipse 19° Gemini, making this destiny-minded wheel quite the fate indicator. It is safe to say that things will probably not be dull, even if appearing so on the surface. When the Wheel begins to turn, it has a way of altering course, and fated events are everywhere. This is often a blessing for many, bringing a rather lucky feeling, for when things begin to move in a new direction, after seemingly going the wrong way for so long, these kind of changes are more than welcome.

This is such a popular card, possibly in the fact that it acknowledges that the Universe does play a big role in things. Everyone loves the feeling of excitement, as they spin a wheel of chance, hoping for fortunes beyond their wildest dreams. Karma is definitely one of the options of this Wheel, and when it comes to the aforementioned direction, well, the Wheel can go either way. If you look around you and take note at this time, you will see this to be true, both for yourself and for others. You can listen to my New Moon Tarot Guidance on or follow me on the Patreon app, or you can go to my Members Only Area on Facebook.

See you here tomorrow!

Source: Pocket of Peers Tarot, a successful Kickstarter, by Jamie Sawyer (follow on Instagram)

This card was last seen February 23, 2021

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