Card of the Day – The High Priestess – Tuesday, September 21, 2021

The all-seeing, all-knowing, High Priestess shows up today, with a bit of a twist. There is an energy building between stationing Mercury and retrograde Pluto, so this one is asking you to take a very deep look inside yourself, and to be honest. The bare-naked truth is not always pretty, but if you can do this, then you will be one step closer to freeing yourself from what perhaps may seem like a vicious cycle. Typically, it is said the High Priestess wants you to listen to your inner voice (that inner voice being your intuition), but what if you have a tendency to convince yourself “intuitively” that what you want is what you shall have, even if in your heart of hearts you know it to be wrong for you. There is a difference between wishful thinking and intuition, and being able to discern that right now is truly in your best interest.

The High Priestess can often provide an AHA! moment here and there, when you have that moment of realization, and wished that you had paid attention, because, well, after all, you already knew. Her appearance today is not meant for you to kick yourself over anything, even if you chose to ignore all the signs. Consider it to be a lesson learned, and take the time more frequently to get in touch with your psychic side and face the truth. A favorite saying of mine is “Quiet the mind, so the soul can speak.” Try it. For earliest possible access to my Tarot Card of the Day, download the free PodBean app from your AppStore, or follow me across your favorite podcast platforms.

See you here tomorrow!

Source: Pocket of Peers Tarot by Jamie Sawyer

This card was last seen April 29, 2021

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