Card of the Day – The High Priestess – Saturday, May 27, 2023

It is said hindsight is 20/20, but what if you could tune into your intuition, and perhaps be a little more prepared? The High Priestess card can help you to do just that, and it can take a little training, as you learn to separate your gut instincts and inner voice from wishful thinking. There is a huge difference, and tuning in to what lies behind the veil can prove to be quite useful in various circumstances. You can not know everything, or even expect yourself to predict how things will go, but you can allow your intuition to help guide you in the right direction.

The High Priestess is the all-seeing, all-knowing, and she is inviting you to listen to your inner voice, not as gospel truth, but in such a way you are not smacking yourself in the forehead every day. Let her help you develop a greater understanding of the intricacies of life. For earliest possible access to my Tarot Card of the Day, download the free PodBean app from your AppStore, or follow me across your favorite podcast platforms.

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Source: This Might Hurt Tarot by Isabella Rotman (Follow on Instagram @this_might_hurt)

This card was last seen January 19, 2023

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