Asking Questions of Tarot

Very often, when someone consults with a Tarot reader, they are seeking a particular answer. One of the things you must learn to do is be accepting of the answer. Some will go from place to place, asking the same question. The answer is not likely to change. 

There are various degrees of Tarot readers out there. I cannot vouch for any of them, but I am certain they would all be in agreement on this subject. One of the most frequently asked and frustrating questions is “Will we get back together?”.  Let’s be serious about this for a moment…why are you apart? Asking the Tarot isn’t going to make it so. 

When you find a Tarot reader that you like, establishing a relationship is paramount. Readings can contain so much useful information. But you, as the querent, need to be receptive to the information you receive. Don’t be afraid to talk things over with your reader. Think of him/her as a trusted friend. The Tarot can provide a great deal of guidance. 

So, when you want to ask a question of a Tarot reader, ask yourself:

1. Do I already know the answer?

2. Am I prepared to hear the truth?

3. Am I willing to listen to the truth?

If you enter into a reading with an acceptance of it’s outcome, then it is a successful reading. As a long-time reader of Tarot, I find it very frustrating when the reading is great, but it falls on deaf ears. 

So, do yourself a favor when mulling over those questions. Ask with the intent to listen. 

Have a great day!

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