Let’s Talk Tarot – Using Photographs

I have been reading #Tarot cards long before there was even the thought of the internet. The Jetson’s were everyone’s idea of technology. For so many years, obviously the only people I did readings for were face to face. 

Internet and smartphones have opened doors of communication never thought possible. So, now you ask me what happens to my abilities as a Tarot reader. Absolutely nothing. All these modern advances have had no effect on me. I believe in adapting with the times. 

So, where do pictures fit in this conversation? There are two schools of thought. One is you should be able to read for someone you’ve never met without a photo. Can I do that? Yes. But, I love seeing for whom I am reading.

When I focus on a photo of the person I’m reading, I do so before and during the shuffling of the cards. Some of these things defy explanation here, but I can honestly tell you I find the details of the reading to be more vivid. 

I encourage everyone to submit a photo of just themselves along with their reading request. Questions and subsequent readings may include photos of other pertinent people in your life. Just because your photo is solely of you, it doesn’t mean the reading will only include you. What it assures is that it will be for your life. 

Thank you for taking the time to include your photo(s) when requesting a reading. I look forward to our online experience. 

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