Fearing the Death Card


Fear of the Death card in a #Tarot reading is very prevalent among people who receive readings, as well as those who may own a deck of cards and try to read for themselves. 

I always look at all the cards, in order to determine it’s purpose in the reading.  Very rarely is it an indicator of a physical death. Let’s take a look at this particular image. It is from one of my favorite decks, Tarot of the 78 Doors. 

There are many details here to see. Look at the open gate of the cemetery. Beyond that, you see new horizons. Remember, with death comes life. It’s a continuous cycle. The figure here appears to be in mourning. He is holding an hourglass. For me, this brings to mind the phrase which appears at the top of my page. “Time is the most important thing we’ve been given.” Are you letting yours slip through your fingers?

You see, this is not merely a card of loss, but one of gain. Transition through the closing of doors and opening of new ones is indicated. But, quite often we may be preoccupied with what we have lost. What is needed here is to take notice of what awaits you. You see here, not only death, but growth and life. 

I think the best example I can offer as to the Death card would be the transition of Bruce Jenner to Caitlyn Jenner.  This cannot have been an easy decision so late in life. Picture, if you will, Caitlyn sitting on the grave, with Bruce’s name on the headstone. This will give you an idea of the power of transformation that is indicated here. But, the rebirth has been a happy one. It is something that was much needed to continue down the true path of life. What in your life needs to die away in order to step into your truth and be your best self?

It’s no coincidence that the Death card is number 13. Many people also fear the number 13. I am including an article I found here, for a little backstory on the Death card and it’s association with this number. 

So, remember, if you are ever sitting in front of a Tarot card reader, do not cringe if the Death card is selected. There may very well be a beautiful message there for you. Life always changes; there will always be transitions. Embrace them and enjoy the journey. ❤️

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