Through the Eyes of Tarot – Venus Retrograde – July 25, 2015 through September 8, 2015

I have pulled #Tarot cards as guidance for this retrograde period. During this time, relationships are highlighted, as well as luxury items. 

It would seem that within a week of Venus going retrograde, signs will be visible at the Full (Blue) Moon in Aquarius. Whatever is coming up is going to ask you to go within and determine if current relationships are healthy enough to maintain. If you believe they are, then try to use this time period to build on what you have. Promote peace and harmony. For, if any relationships are not meant to survive, Venus and the universe will conspire at this time  to tear them down. The struggles will be real and you could find yourself blindsided. 

For a while now, planetary influences have left you uncertain of many things. Some of these will become more favorable at this time. Some will need a back door approach in order to regain control. Don’t try to meet all issues head on. Survey your finances and don’t splurge on the unnecessary. This is one of those Venus Retrograde rules. It would seem you will be wasting your time. Part of regaining control in certain areas of your life, during this time period, will require you to leave the past in the past. Not everything has made it this far with you. People, places and situations will be highlighted by Venus Retrograde. Not everything will survive. 

By the time this retrograde period is over, you will actually be in a position to celebrate. Once you’ve mourned your losses, you can move on and form new plans for your life. Use your resources to your highest and best power. Be firm and to the point. Finally, no more walking on eggshells. 

From the looks of things, this will be a very interesting Venus Retrograde period. Things that should’ve happened in previous retrogrades are very likely to happen now. For example, if one or both parties in a marriage have been dragging their feet about that divorce for years, it could happen. Finally. 

I came across an article on this Venus Retrograde written in such a way that the way it works astrologically is easy to understand. 

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