Where it Began – My Tarot Journey

1970 was the year. On a trip to New Orleans with my parents, we spent the day in the French Quarter. The shops there are so amazing and full of cultural history. I remember us going into this crowded little occult store full of tiny aisles. My parents said I could pick out one thing. In retrospect, I’m wondering why I didn’t choose a voodoo doll. I’ve certainly met enough people over the years who would’ve inspired me to buy one!

So, obviously, I chose a tarot deck. I honestly can’t tell you which one. It did become lost over the years after a move. I really wish I had it. I know it wasn’t one of the better-known decks at the time. 

The reason I’ve decided to share this with y’all is because of my upbringing. I was raised Catholic. My parents were very strict. However, when they let me buy the cards, I never gave this a thought. I was always taught to be independent and a free thinker. 

As with many other things in the world today, some people let religious beliefs cloud their view of things. Religion is in our lives to provide us with a moral compass, not to pass judgment on others. In some countries, very spiritual, religious people practice the tarot. 

I would actually take my cards to school  with me. At lunchtime, I read for my friends in the cafeteria. Yes, it was a Catholic school. Everyone loved it and begged for more. 

And a Tarot Reader was born!

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