The Path You’ve Chosen


I think this may become a mid-month feature. I know I often find myself halfway through a month wondering if the second half is going to feel like the first. So, I have pulled some #Tarot cards for guidance to help you along your path. 

Society has rules. There is no gray, there’s only black and white. Mid-month finds you sifting through the rubble of your life. It’s ok to mourn the things you’ve given up, but don’t dwell on them eternally. Put it all into perspective and focus on what remains. There’s like a little Snoopy dance going on here for some reason. 

Something in your life has come full circle. Finally, there is enrichment that far overshadows the losses you’ve incurred. Enjoy the company of loved ones. 

It’s funny how nightmares can tend to blow reality out of proportion. Take control again. Eliminate the heartache by leaving behind all the nonsense. Balance and fairness have entered your life at this time. 

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