Through the Eyes of Tarot – Mars in Leo – August 8, 2015 through September 24, 2015


I have pulled some #Tarot cards for guidance for this transit. It won’t be around this way again for a couple more years. 

The people you meet during this time are very important to you along your path. Be sure to look at all sides of the story and to consider all views when opinions are offered. This is such a powerful time in the universe. When news is received, dissect it and look at it from all angles. There is no harm in being thorough. Cut loose what you don’t need. Changes on the financial front are indicated. 

Consider all offers carefully. Choose the one which well help you navigate to a better place. Manifest what you need so that you can start sleeping at night. Make it so your worries decrease. Stand your ground. If you find extra money or resources, be sure to hang on tight. 

Venus and Mars will be getting together to change relationship dynamics. There will also be a partial solar eclipse in Virgo before this transit ends. And surprise-a-minute Uranus is retrograde. Try not to rock those relationship boats. But, if you need to, jump ship. There are drastic changes on the horizon. This is all happening to take you to a better place. 

Enjoy the ride, but don’t forget to put in the necessary work along the way. 

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  1. What an optimistic message you have brought us today, Cecelia. Especially how important forming new relationships, ones that we previously never dreamed of. So grateful the Universe is making this task easier for many of us..

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