Through the Eyes of Tarot – Jupiter in Virgo – August 12, 2015 through September 9, 2016


Jupiter will be spending over a year in Virgo. I have pulled #Tarot cards for guidance on this transit. If your Jupiter is in Virgo, expect growth spurts over the coming year.  

It is difficult to separate from some situations, but choices need to be made. Which way do you REALLY want to go? When Jupiter switches signs, you will find yourself facing this. The changes are good for you and they are what was intended by the universe. Think of your hopes and dreams. If you go left and life stays the same, then nothing changes. If you go right, and make new plans, everything will change. Be in touch with your gentle nurturing side to determine which way you need to go. If you’ve waited years for the opportunity to have something in your life, it’s time to switch lanes. 

Careful thought and consideration needs to be given to your goals. Are you looking for the light at the end of the tunnel?  Cultivate your intuition. Pay attention to messages. There is financial news coming over this time. But, it needs a realistic perspective. Look deep into the matter. 

Determination on this new path will surely bring success and a reason to celebrate. Put an end to your worries and feel reborn. Don’t live the rest of your life the way you have been living. 

Choices, especially in relationships, can bring great change. To have new beginnings, you will have to let die away what no longer belongs in your life. So, cut away what you don’t need to make room for something beautiful. 

If you’re tired of feeling like everyone just watches you try to get by on your own, never fear. Someone will want to join in and help you. Wishes for the future will be coming true. The area where Jupiter is working, your ship will come in. Think of it as winning a battle. 

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