New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse in Virgo – Sunday, September 13, 2015



I have pulled #Tarot cards for guidance for this New Moon. It is a special one indeed, with all the other planetary action that’s been taking place. It will be a partial solar eclipse in Virgo. 

You have put in the work; be ready to receive. Your time is coming to take flight. Make this New Moon count with positive intentions. It is possible for a creative new beginning at this time. Use this powerful moon phase to manifest what you need in your life. Make wise choices; if necessary seek the wisdom of someone with more experience. Try to slip in the back door without being noticed. A grand entrance is not necessary. 

You have stood strong in recent battles and turmoil. By sending out what you need to the universe, in a positive manner, you can overcome the losses incurred. Communicate effectively as Mercury is about to retrograde. Time to play it easy. 

You have toiled and labored and been very stressed. You can begin to eliminate your stressors, one by one. Show compassion and love for others, you don’t know how difficult their path may be. Rejoice in the positive. But, do not let Mercury cloud your vision. Not everything will be clear at this time. There may be a woman eclipsed from your life at this time. 

You have been navigating uncharted waters recently. Blindly going forth and trying to maintain balance at the same time is not easy. But, it will smooth out. Saturn leaves Scorpio on the 17th. Be prepared for rapid movement in your life and opening doors. Positive change is coming your way. 

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