Through the Eyes of Tarot – Mercury Retrograde – September 17, 2015 through October 9, 2015


With all the major planetary happenings at this time, it’s going to be difficult to say any event was a result of a particular aspect. But, Mercury loves to throw a monkey wrench in the mix. Know the rules and make good use of this time. Here is my #Tarot guidance for this dreaded transit. 

Life is coming full circle. Doors are closing and doors are opening. Old lovers have a tendency to return at this time. Take it for what it’s worth. Be mindful of that Mercury Retrograde rule and do not begin any new relationships. This does not simply refer to your love life. It includes business dealings and career changes. Regrets will surely crop up down the road. Try to give a little of yourself wherever necessary, but not too much. Don’t forget about you. This is a good time to simply hold onto your money and fortify your security. One of the rules is to not buy new electronic gadgets. I know this is difficult as many would like that new car or iPhone. The manufacturers launch their products at this time of year. But, if you can wait a month, you will be happy you did. The chances of someone very significant from your past returning is so strong. If it was pleasant in the past, then go ahead and make that lunch date with an old friend. Take time out to catch up. 

Remain down to earth. Avoiding the flashy new trappings that may ultimately fail you brings you to a brighter place around the Autumn Equinox. Finally, your future is in front of you. The universe is planning to ease up on you soon and the reins of control are about to be returned to you. 

All this reviewing and redoing leads to some eliminating on your part. Decisions are made during this time. This pause on your journey is for your benefit. Explore all options and review all possible angles. What you need is coming your way…just when you think you’ve lost and the stress is too much, the fog begins to lift and you can truly see. 

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