Card of the Day – Judgement – Saturday, September 19, 2015


A very positive day for some of you…others, maybe not so much. The universe is still sorting it all out. Good vs. Evil. Good is going to win. Keep that in mind. This is some much-needed karma bringing everyone what they truly deserve. 

If it’s been hard for a really long time, prepare to be lifted up in the tender arms of the universe. You may now receive what you need. Realize though, that even 6 months ago, you were not aware you needed this. You’ve had time to sort out your thoughts and be in acceptance of how things truly need to be. You’re on the verge of a new start!

However, those of you who probably aren’t even reading this…tag! You’re it! It’s your turn. Enjoy the struggle and the lesson, and perhaps you will join us soon. 

See you here tomorrow!

This card was last seen August 29, 2015

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