The Path You’ve Chosen – October, 2015


This is my mid-month Tarot Guidance. Consider it a supplement to the October Astro-Tarot

You are beyond ready at this point. Finally, with the New Moon in Libra which just passed, on October 12, it is all systems go! It is absolutely amazing how you and your surroundings have changed. You have eliminated that which caused you so much pain, and it has put your future right in front of you. Good for you! As you work to clear your path and go full-steam ahead, it is a time for building. Some might actually say they are rebuilding their lives from the ground up at this time. Remember, it had to fall apart, so it could come together. 

Such drastic changes have been entering your life. Some of you have had to seek professional help to pull this off. You have truly seen some emotionally trying times. You have conquered your issues and can really begin to leave them behind now. Always go with the flow, lest the universe knock you off balance. 

You have carried that burden and it’s stresses long enough. For what have you been wishing? It seems like a lifetime, and it finally wants to come your way. Feel the love the universe wants to shower upon you, for you truly are about to be rewarded. 

You are on your way to better times. You have changed in some major ways, and so has your life and how you will live it. Have faith in yourself and your inner voice. Remain down to earth. You have a sense of new-found freedom and justice entering your life. Yes, you have succeeded. 

Remember, there is much more to come, for you have only just begun. Stay tuned!

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