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Since Day 1, I have been listening to what you have been saying. As it became possible for me to work in new things, I have done so. Some of the simplest changes have been time consuming, and my current schedule allows 7 hours a day for personal readings and all of the other waking hours for the things you see for free across social media. I have known since March that it was time to figure out how to bring you the additional guidance you have been requesting. Also, it was apparent to me that I had reached my saturation point with guidance gratis. I explored many options, including the possibility of a Tarot by Cecelia app, but from what I have seen, having your own app can be very time consuming, and I would have none of that.

Recently, the fan-funding site, Patreon, came to my attention. It is used by some very reputable personalities who, like myself, would like to share additional content. It is possible to simply follow, or even to become a Patron for a pledge of only $2 per month, which currently gives access to all additional content as well. You can follow right from your phone or desktop and be notified each time I create a new post.

In addition to my regular posts which will be available by following me on Patreon, I am kicking off the month of August with videos of Tarot Guidance specifically for your Zodiac sign. These all range from 18-20 minutes, and there is no limit on your listening experience. The New Moon in Leo of August 2 is included; this is also a first to have video guidance for a New Moon. I will be adding other videos this month for the Full Moon and likely the impending Mercury Retrograde in Virgo.

This month, the videos have all been uploaded as attachments, which I will be changing by September, and, once on your Patreon app and clicking on the desired video, you need only click on Quick Look on an iPhone to see it.

I have included the link to take you directly to Tarot by Cecelia on Patreon here:

Thanks in advance for your share!❤️

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