Through the Eyes of Tarot – Mars in Sagittarius – August 2 through September 27, 2016

At long last, Mars returns to Sagittarius after several exhilarating, scary, intense months in Scorpio. As activity and attitudes take on a less serious note, while there is still so much which seriously needs to be done, manifestation is on the minds of everyone. All messages at this time are extremely important to your timeline and that which you wish to create. Pay close attention and do not scoff at any opportunities which come before you, no matter how big or how small. You never know where they may lead. Finally, the time has come to clear the path to your future in order to move on from everything which has been weighing you down for the last five years. As you organize your life in a fashion more suitable to the new way you are living it, you will come to notice that the Universe seems kinder and you are feeling as though things are gradually finding their way back on track.

Decisions, decisions; you need to decide on a direction. Sagittarius is far more lighthearted than Scorpio can ever be, and something has you feeling more carefree by the day. Perhaps there are not literal throngs of people cheering you on, but many are sitting up and taking notice of your recent accomplishments. They still feel overshadowed by the pain of recent years and things and relationships from which you have separated. On this day last year, you were not ready, however, you are likely very ok now with removing these things and people from your life in a permanent way. You have gained so much wisdom over the course of this past year and it allows you to shift your focus toward the good which everyone is seeing; you are capable of so much success. There is absolutely no coincidence in any of this; pick your head up and look around at everything taking place and you will be able to see how the threads of life are woven together like a fine fabric; each person and situation has a place and you are able to now see this more clearly.

You want your rewards and you want them now! I’m afraid they are a little further out, but they are definitely coming your way. You will be amazed by the abundance you have created and many of you have basically had to start from scratch in at least one area. Let no one challenge your beliefs; they are so much stronger now. You have such a greater understanding of life and path choices that you may indeed find yourself being counsel to others. You actually take on a whole new persona and sense of charm through your recent achievements. With Mars no longer in Scorpio, and not being so pushy, you will find most everyone, including yourself, is a little kinder and gentler.

The things which keep you up at night are not ready to go away, but perhaps you can sleep a little better simply knowing that, by October, things will be much different with regard to them. You are making progress in this transitional phase of your life and dealing with the finer details of the situations which have created so much stress for you in recent years. Make sure you take the time to do it all correctly and according to the rules, so that you are never asked to revisit these issues again. Your vision for change is enabling you to turn your back on all of the stressful times and focus instead on security around finances, family and home. 

By October, you no longer feel trapped and the unknown becomes a reality. You are feeling more grounded by the day and definitely more in control. You have gone from powerless to empowered and karma steps in to help you remember the innocence of childhood. While you can never go back, you can finally take time out to smell the roses and reminisce over the good times which had been pushed from your thoughts by all the stress.

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