Card of the Day – Page of Swords – Friday, September 30, 2016

Happy New Moon in Libra, and what a glorious New Moon it is. Blessings to all! I am inclined to think jokingly that our dog on the card would love for someone to cut his big, fat, juicy steak. However, normally when I see the Page of Swords, I caution not to be too impulsive, but at this point there feels to be an antsyness. 

This time I wish to say cut it loose, rise to the challenge and sever what needs to be severed. You may need to quiet your mind in order to do this as your thoughts may be racing since you have finally reached a point of forward motion.  

What is on your list? What do you hope to achieve? This is the New Moon to get things underway and to possess the clarity of mind to know now what it is that you need to do.  

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See you here tomorrow!

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Source: Le Tarot du Chien

This card was last seen July 28, 2016

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