New Moon in Sagittarius – Tuesday, November 29, 2016 7:18am EST

The reality of any losses incurred brings with it great wisdom; the wisdom to know what is left. Turn your focus to the positive in your midst and set your sights on a new destination. Things begin moving forward more quickly and even some lighthearted fun could be on the agenda. Moving away from depressing times is possible as many changes are in the air.

There is a grand lesson here, primarily about how one can feel betrayed in life when suddenly in a stage of limbo. You are realizing many things and now know that time is the most important thing you’ve been given. Use it wisely; do not dwell on the pain. Take your new-found perspective and clarity and prepare to go forward with a vengeance. Keep your priorities straight, your life organized, and do not allow your ideas to be so lofty as to prevent you from remaining grounded.

Security and relationships are of great interest at this time. Important choices are being made which could help alleviate some of your worries, if only you knew exactly what the long term held. Do not let confusion hold you back from making the right decisions; you have held out in battle and find yourself victorious with a particular issue. The time has come for a break; the rest will be there when you choose to return to them. Don’t forget to check out my New Moon in Sagittarius Tarot Guidance on Patreon!

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