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Artist: Jodi Horne

Website: None Given


Strike a balance, juggling, management of time and resources

Artist’s Interpretation & Card Meaning

“My card, the two of pentacles, is all about maintaining balance in an otherwise not ideal situation. Traditionally, a figure is shown juggling two pentacles surrounded by the infinity symbol; the figure is shown surefooted in a stormy sea. I have also used similar imagery. My female figure is naked and vulnerable, while not only balancing the two of pentacles; she is also surefooted while balancing a giant octopus in a stormy sea. I have incorporated the infinity symbol into the tentacles of the octopus. She is calm and nonplussed in the face of certain danger.”

In the middle of a stormy sea, a naked woman stands on a rocky outcropping, an octopus reaching ot of the sea to entangle her. Despite her nakedness and apparent defenselessness, her arms are braced against it, successfully fending off the attack, a pentacle hanging from each hand. To make matters worse, the turbulent ocean is managing to buffet two ships on the horizon, but there is no panic on her face. She is in control of the situation, and her arms hold the key to this success – they form an even balance, as well as fending off the attack.

This card advises you to achieve balance and ensure that other areas of your life do not suffer from the instability created at the start of this new venture, by getting your priorities straight.

Astrological Association & Element

Earth / Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

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