Featured Card of the Day – Temperance – 78 Tarot Nautical/Tarot of the Water


Artist: Tiffany Toland-Scott

Website: Epiphany.gallery


Harmony, balance, adaptability, unification, moderation

Artist’s Interpretation & Card Meaning

“Temperance is usually depicted pouring water from one cup into another, sort of like balancing a scale, but I wanted my piece to have some magical and surreal qualities, and I wanted to paint the water in a way that would bring the viewer’s eye up and around the painting instead of moving form one hand to the other and then slipping off the page. The longest flower stops just short of touching the woman’s right hand, and the flowers curve upright pointing back to the figure. This keeps the eye moving in a circular fashion around the painting.”

A woman stands in a flower field. She appears to be standing on land, but the flow of her dress and hair suggests she is underwater. She is a part of the real world and the land of dreams and intuition, bridging both – the eternal diplomat. Her hands form the shape of a scale, a nautilus shell in each, water flowing between them, but not necessarily as you would expect one from the other. Instead the water flows between the shells, over her head, forming an arc above her, where fish seem to swim in the sky – the surreal made real.

This card advises that by respecting and achieving balance, ignoring distractions, you can master the trials and challenges you face, and allow impossible to become possible.

Astrological Association & Element

Fire / Sagittarius

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