Featured Card of the Day – The Tower – 78 Tarot Nautical/Tarot of the Water


Artist: PeeMonster

Website: PeeMonster.com


Turmoil, sudden change, rude awakening, revelation, new beginnings

Artist’s Interpretation & Card Meaning

“When I was given this card, I knew exactly what I wanted to convey – the turmoil and pain associated with a sudden change in one’s life, perhaps anticipated prior. The tower card illustrates the destruction of the unstable foundation upon which we individuals piece together the bricks that form our empire.

The tower on the girl’s head symbolizes her own empire and all aspects of her life, and where she had most recently invested the nutrients of her soul. She built her empire on something, only to see the universe bring it down around her. At some point in the process, she begins to feel a helpless sinking…like she is drowning. She can only watch as everything comes to an end.”

A burning tower smolders on top of a girl’s head, as she sinks into the water, powerless to prevent the destruction. The inhabitants of this tower, multitudes of birds, dive out of the shell that is left, fleeing to safety. Her ambitious, but flawed, masterpiece was built on shifting foundations and has been blown to smithereeens as a result. But there is a light behind the destroyed tower – hope. The change to her life is dramatic, even terrifying, but not lethal or harmful. She can start again, rebuild on stronger foundations, move forward, and succeed.

This card can be fairly shocking because it suggests that our safe, secure existence is false. But this revelation is liberating – we can admit those nagging doubts and rebuild in those areas, either thoughts or deeds, that need work.

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