Featured Card of the Day – 8 of Pentacles – 78 Tarot Nautical/Tarot of the Water


Artist: Regan Kubecek

Website: ArtByRegan.com.au


Progress, diligence, productivity, using and developing skills

Artist’s Interpretation & Card Meaning

“So here is my card, the Eight of Pentacles. This card is all about being productive, working hard and using your skills. My busy littlem mermaid has the task of painting all the shells of the ocean, her task is large but she knows she has the ability and skill.

My pentacles are represented by shells hanging to dry behind her and one that she still works on.”

A mermaid sits in concentration, painting a sea shell. Other shells hand drying, displayed proudly, but not ostentatiously – she is hard at work, her contribution to the ocean is using her skills to add color and beauty to the sea. In the background, more shells sit waiting for her attention. There are no grey clouds in the scene, no storms on the horizon, now worries or distractions ahead – the world is rosy.

This card shows that you are aware of the need to work diligently and productively, without getting bogged down, You have learned from your past trials and successes and are applying that experience to your life and work. There is still progress to be made, but you will get there.

Astrological Association & Element

Earth / Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

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