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Artist: Pierre Carles

Website: PierreCarles.com


Successful, stable, controlled, powerful, hardworking’

Artist’s Statement

“When I was asked to create the King of Pentacles, this immediately took me back to my childhood. I was born in Nice, home to the first-ever recorded Carnival, and as a child, my late grandmother used to take care of my brother and I on Wednesdays, when school was off. Whenever Carnival time came, she was always the one who would take us along, following the “Corso” among people cheering, dancing and throwing confetti. This is the kind of atmosphere that I tried to revive here, where the King of Pentacles is depicted as King Carnival. My late grandmother used to bring us so many sweets, cookies and delicious cakes all the time that we ended up nicknaming her “Mémé Gateaux”. Literally, “Cookie Granny”. She died twenty-two years ago now, but she has been on my mind for every minute I painted this piece. Thank you again for our childhood, Mémé Gateaux.”

Card Meaning

A carnival procession marches along a European medieval street. A giant cardboard King sits on a throne, pulled along by two bulls, honoring and scoffing at a local ruler. Under one of his arms is a gold pentacle, he holds a staff in the other hand, on top of which is a golden star. The entire town has come out to celebrate and cheer for the procession, throwing confetti and marching along.

This card represents the archetypal King Midas figure, successful and self-assured, money just seems to flow to him. But what’s not obvious is how hard he has worked to achieve his wealth and success. It comes easily now, but prosperity isn’t something that he’ll ever expect or take for granted.

Astrological Association & Element

Earth / Taurs, Virgo, Capricorn

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