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Artist: So Ma

Website: None Given


Progress, looking to the future, success, self-belief

Artist’s Statement

“I chose to represent my querant in the female form and a very cheeky view it is. With reference to her carnival past in the form of her tattoos. I had not chosen the tattoos before commencing the painting, but found they flowed from the conscious self. I love that the tattoos symbolically represent the elements of the three of wands, that I am drawn to at this time in my life.

The Three of Wands traditionally symbolizes new beginnings after successfully completing tasks. We are cautioned to seek or heed advice before starting new.”

Card Meaning

A tattooed lady stands facing a long path towards a vast mountain range – she wears her tattoos proudly as a reminder of her past, and what she has already achieved. Over the mountains, the northern lights are visible, a tempting dance of color that entices and inspires. She surveys the landscape, aware of the task ahead, and the prospects that the journey brings. She has planted three wands along the path, torches to light her way onwards – although she is still immobile, the decision has been made, and she is both mentally and physically preparing to move forward.

This card urges us to keep building on our current success. To indulge in a brief pause, using this to reflect on our past achievements, concentrate on the path we wish to take now, plan for the next stage of our jour ney and then take the plunge.

Astrological Element & Association

Fire / Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

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