Featured Card of the Day – Ace of Cups – 78 Tarot Carnival ~ Cirque du Tarot

Artist: Maigan Lynn

Website: MaiganLynnArt.com


Emotional and spiritual serenity, new relationship, love

Artist’s Statement

“The Ace of Cups is about many things but I really wanted the main focus to be love. It also conveys intuition, creativity, happiness, empathy, and I feel like love is the thing that sews all of us together. You can see at the center of her chest I’ve placed a heart (where love starts) and that there are many hearts throughout the piece to symbolize its significance. I also took full advantage of the color red as a symbol of love but also as a means to tie in the carnival theme. I kept a lot of of the symbolism of the original card as I felt that was also important in portraying the meaning. Generally, it is a very positive and uplifting card, focused on the essence of true love, and I was thrilled to be the one asked to create it!”

Card Meaning

A happy, young clown stands with a chalice resting on her head, steadied by her hands. She does not hoard this cup to herself, but holds it high, showing it proudly and inviting you to join the show., Red velvet curtains, bordering the jeweled paddling pool suggest abundance – but an emotional richness, rather than a material opulence. A dove drops a heart into the cup, which overflows with water – five streams flowing down her body and into a pool of lotus blossoms. The addition of the dove and lotus blossoms, both of which represent spirituality, to the emotional symbolism of the water shows that her feelings bring her serenity.

This card heralds the start of a friendship or relationship that will bring not just joy but and inner peace.

Astrological Element & Association

Water / Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

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