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Artist: Peter Bradley

Website: ravenchilde.com


Determined, compelling, craving action

Artist’s Statement

“A true warrior finds balance. The outer countenance may be fierce, a face to daunt adversity, while the inside remains serene. Contrary, it may seem that the warrior resonates serenity while a storm rages within. Between serenity and the fury of the storm we find the balance of the warrior. A sword that cuts yet has no blade. A blade that has no edge and does not cut. In repose the dame stands, the storm boiling up behind her does not daunt her serenity. Fierce her spirit flies, fierce as the hawk, the deadly raptor while she stands calm, poised, patient, ready to flow adversity around her like the wind.”

Card Meaning

A young, dynamic woman rushes forward, sword in hand to confront the future. Her purity of purpose is shown in the white horse mask she wears as she rushes headlong into whatever awaits her. She focuses only on the path ahead of her, never looking back and therefore unaware of the gathering storm behind her of the trees and her skirts whipped up by strong winds., All around her, butterflies flit and flutter hastily to get out of her way. A raptor, her guide in this endeavor, gives her clarity of mind as she embarks on her quest.

This card represents an energetic, hasty figure, seeking their goal with unbridled inspiration and determination. They cannot tolerate delay, and sometimes dash in without realizing the consequences of their actions.

Astrological Association & Element

Air / Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

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