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Artist: Gila von Meissner

Website: Gila.be


Showing feelings, inspiration, getting creative, gut instinct

Artist’s Statement

“When envisioning the Page of Cups, I immediately had a strong connection with the notion of creative beginnings. When your muse tugs at your sleeve, luring you along untrodden paths and possible detours – it usually pays to just run along and frolic in the endless possibilities.

Making the switch to carnival came natural, with a little boy playing magician in his bedroom – and instead of the expected bunny, a dachsund pops out. The traditional symbolism can be found scattered around the circus-themed room, down to a classic dress on a doll.”

Card Meaning

A child tries to conjure a rabbit out of his hat, but to his amazement, he conjures up a little dog. Nose to nose, some unheard conversation occurs between them, as the dog inspires this young illusionist to dream and aspire. The idea has been brewing for some time – his mobile is full of circus performers, ad a past virtuoso proudly hangs on a poster in his room. A royally-attired page sits beneath the poster, and a toy dog, identical to the one speaking to him from his “cup” – the top hat, sits behind him. All he needed was to give into his passions, and play.

This card suggests the need for a little fun – allow yourself to indulge in your emotions, and let them show. Be creative, act on a hunch, and allow the inspiration to flow, without being penned in by adult cares.

Astrological Element & Association

Water / Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

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