Full Moon in Cancer – January 12, 2017 6:34am EST

This January’s Full Wolf Moon in Cancer brings with it a crossroads, one not to be taken lightly. While you may be feeling more carefree and adventurous due to the fact that there are no retrograde planets at this time, there is still a great deal to be considered, especially with regard to personal freedom. Relationships continue to be a theme (Jupiter in Libra), and this may present as a part of your crossroads. Which relationships do you end? Is there one which you need to renew? Things are much clearer to you now without so much planetary fog, and a careful review of the status quo is definitely in order.

Once the Full Moon passes, you may be setting your sights on the New Moon of the 27th in Aquarius. It would appear that, between the two, you are making choices in direction, particularly those which will ultimately prove to bring the greatest rewards. Plans begin to be more cohesive, and your faith in the ways of the Universe is being restored, and hope renewed, as you feel more prepared to tackle any challenges which should arise in your life. There is a huge sense of moving on here, and you are more than good with it; the timing is right for some much-needed change to be implemented.

Victories are available to you and they come through your perseverance to succeed and stand on your own two feet. You are still in that transitional phase which will not be totally clear until May 22, or after, so trust in the journey. As some aspects of life become easier, so does your new identity begin to emerge. You are in a pivotal cycle, which in late May, will drop you off for the next leg of your path, with an entirely new focus.  Don’t forget to check out my Full Moon Tarot Guidance on Patreon! (17:30 in length)

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