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Artist: Carla Morrow

Website: DragonLadyArt.com


Balance, patience, harmony, stability

Artist’s Statement

“Temperance balances a feathered umbrella in one hand and juggles two cups and balls in the other. The woman has one foot on the platform and is stepping knowingly onto rope. The platform is the material world and the rope is the subconscious. She is sure footed and knows what she is doing along with the risks involved. The cups she juggles represent the subconscious and super-conscious minds and how thoughts move between them to fully understand how we move between the lower planes and higher consciousness planes. Temperance shows us that the middle, balanced road is the best course of action. Know and understand all the elements and make decisions without taking extreme risks and keep an eye on the long-term goals.”

Card Meaning

A woman steps forward from her platform, balancing a parasol in one hand and juggling cups and balls with the other – no mean feat in itself, but this lady is walking the tightrope of diplomacy as well. She faces this challenge with confidence and serenity, showing no fear or hesitation. Her position on the tightrope shows that she is poised between both worlds. She has one foot on steady ground, and one in the heavens, supported only by a slender wire, showing that she lives in both the real world and in her subconscious. She holds four balls, and two cups, with water flowing flawlessly between them, everything about her performance is in perfect balance.

This card reminds us that nothing is impossible with patience and preparation. That by maintaining balance and serenity within your life and actions, you can rise above the challenges you face, and reach the skies.

Astrological Element & Association

Fire / Sagittarius

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  1. Thanks Cecelia, So much of my pain,betrayal, is coming together so much of what you say,gives me hope,faith, and clear thinking, not as scattered as I have ploughed through 5 years of heartache. Bless you every day now.Thanks.

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