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They’re back! The global arts collaborative,  known as ’78 Tarot’, is currently shipping their highly-anticipated third deck, 78 Tarot Carnival ~ Cirque du Tarot. Not only are these decks beautiful, they are very collectible and certain to please the most discerning Tarot card collector. By the way, today, January 15, marks the three-year birthday of 78 Tarot! They have their first three amazing Tarot-art collaborations under their belt, with a fourth on the way.

First, let me say I was going to tell you every single deck out there that has ever been done in the carnival/circus theme; truth be told the more I looked, the more I realized there really wasn’t any comparison. When I received their Nautical deck, the second in the series, I mentioned my Tarot reading having its beginnings in the French Quarter of New Orleans. Well, not only was I there, but our purpose for being there was to attend the Mardi Gras, so imagine my excitement when I began to unwrap these cards! I do believe that the eighty-one cards included in this series cover every possible angle of carnival time and the circus. The images are replete with clowns and circus performers, as well as parades and Carnival attire. 

Have you ever ordered Tarot cards from Amazon.com, Walmart.com, or Overstock.com? I have; I must admit every single time I’m like YAY!!!, my new cards are here! Then the mailman delivers a package from 78 Tarot. Let me tell you, this is not like Christmas morning where you rip off all of the paper and it’s done. I just sit and stare in awe; the care given to each item in the box and personal touches is overwhelming! I didn’t want to open anything! Founder, Kayti Welsh, totally outdoes herself in the swag department. The Tarot goodies you receive with your order depend ultimately on the order, but, as many of you out there can already attest, it is all too pretty to open. We will talk more about all of the extras in a special post toward the end of February, before the Kickstarter launch of deck number four, Astral.

So let’s talk about the regular things, the deck and book, etc. First of all, I am not just a fan of Tarot cards and their depictions, I love the backs of the cards as well, and these are beautiful. The Carnival deck is slightly larger in size than the first two. This accentuates the magnificent artwork illustrated on each card. Great care has been given in choosing the artists, thanks to art director, Delphine Griffin, who is uniquely talented all on her own. PR manager, Joanna Nelson, also assists in this area, aside from her many PR duties. Quite a few of these artists have been part of this collaboration since Day One, and I must admit I am certainly developing a few favorites. More on the artists and their independent projects in the coming weeks…be prepared to fall in love! Now, y’all know I have been doing this for many years, so I have definitely formed my own opinions on Tarot cards and what I like to read. These, while featuring incredible artwork, still retain the necessary symbolism and integrity of the card which the artist was assigned, while depicting it in the Carnival theme. This is real art, from real artists, and I do not believe I can emphasize this enough. It is not my intention to lessen the quality of the imagery of other decks, but a careful perusal of this deck makes it very clear that having one artist per card, allows for greater attention to quality and detail. I began featuring this deck on January 1 amid many ooo’s and aaah’s.  Great care is taken with this entire project from start to finish. 

This time around, the book is paperback and there are a few changes. More space was given to the illustration of each card, to the point where you may want to take it apart and frame them. But don’t! There are actually wonderful bonuses included for the Kickstarter backers. Trust me, I will fill y’all in on how to wind up with all of the perks! So, this is author, and Tarot card reader, Trish Sullivan’s, third book! How many individuals out there can say they have written three Tarot books? Not very many, my friends. You will love the format; I have been showing it in the Featured Card of the Day. The artist expresses their feelings on the project and how they arrived at their interpretation of the card which was assigned to them. Trish fills in the blanks, offering a short meaning and how it relates to each card.

Twenty years from now, I hope to still be here, and to be able to say that I own every single deck published by this incredible collaboration of artists. Their goal is to bring you, the Tarot lover, reader, and collector, the most inspired, beautiful representations of each card, in each series, while still maintaining the true meaning behind each individual card. 78 Tarot will never be Llewellyn Worldwide, or U.S. Game Systems, nor do they hope to be. But, I am here to tell you that they will ultimately achieve great standing in the Tarot community, as they continue to grow and thrive with each creation they bring to their adoring followers.

Happy Birthday 78 Tarot!!! And, many more!

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