Featured Card of the Day – The Tower – 78 Tarot Carnival ~ Cirque


Artist: Piya Wannachaiwong

Website: Piyastudios.com


Upheaval, turmoil, revelation, rude awakenings

Artist’s Statement

“When I got the Tower, I knew I didn’t just want to do a tall, stone structure. Tall, stone towers do not evoke the idea of a Carnival, and are not terribly interesting. I gathered pictures of Carnivals and soon stumbled upon stilt walkers. I really liked the idea of breaking stilts as a Carnival take of the collapsing Tower. And finally, I loved painting dragons so I had to include it. I wanted a dragon to break the stilts and of course the dragon had to be obviously inspired by Carnival. The dragon has a head inspired by Carnival masks (with lots of nasty teeth) and four arms to pay homage to freak shows.”

Card Meaning

A massive creature has escaped, obliterating the circus – even the towering clowns have fallen, their now-broken stilts not strong enough to withstand this whirl of destruction. This dragon wields the elements of the Tarot, breathing down lightning upon the carnival and scattering carnies to the four winds. But this “monster” is a means of revelation – the lightning acting as a flash of clarity. The carnies are uninjured, their costumes and props are wrecked, not their bodies. The stilts, even the tents were temporary structures, and can be rebuilt – all is not lost, the dim light of the moon bringing hope for the future.

This card represents a rude awakening, a time when our beliefs have been shaken, but all is not doom and gloom. Despite the chaos, turmoil and pain, there will be a new beginning, on stronger foundations, and we will be better for it.

Astrological Element & Association

Fire / Mars

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