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Artist: Mike Tenebrae

Website: TenebraeStudios.net


Ambition, self-discipline, focus, triumph

Artist’s Statement

“In the end, the message I wished to convey was one of power, which seemed to be a fundamental element to the card itself. I did not want to depict the beasts in it under subjugation. My initial draft was a bit too macabre as the message I wanted to reflect was my distaste for animals in service to the circus. My next image I hoped to show the animals in both earnest determination as well as triumph and perhaps even touching upon that slight air of danger that can be found in a carnival atmosphere.”

Card Meaning

A ringmaster drives his chariot through the carnival, a look of triumph on his face. This is no simple horse-drawn cart, but something deserving of an ancient gladiator, pulled by two massive elephants. Storm clouds gather overhead, suggesting trouble and higher powers at work, but the ring master is unfazed, the chariot moves on, unrelenting. These massive beasts could crush him at any time, but instead, they work with him, accepting his command, rather than being broken by his will.

This card is a reminder to be assertive and bold in the face of challenges ahead. Telling us that guided by strength of will and courage, moving forward while maintaining focus will bring success. This is not a time to be timid or meek, but rather, you should gather all your conficence and drive onward.

Astrological Element & Assocation

Water / Cancer

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