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Artist: Carrie Hawks

Website: TigerPixie.com


Compassion, love, support, discretion, peace

Artist’s Statement

“The Queen of Cups represents compassion, empathy, intuition, dependability and discretion. At a carnival, who else would have all those characteristics but the fortune teller? I decided to portray my Queen inside her eccentric wagon. The carnival tents and Ferris wheel are visible behind her. She holds an ornate gold goblet like in the traditional card – her water filled scrying goblet, surrounded by the essentials needed for her craft – tarot cards, candles and healing crystals. She is dressed all in blue to represent her water element and her crown is the headdress, covered in gold and jewels. Also like the traditional card, she sits on an elaborate throne with a shell shaped back and of course I painted kitty cherubs on the sides.”

Card Meaning

A fortune teller sits in her tent, offering you a vision of the future – the still waters of her chalice reflect back at us our own hidden depths. Behind her, the carnival goes on, its life and energy in contrast to the peace and tranquility of her marquee. In front of her are all of the tools she needs to guide us through our vision – crystals, cards and even a crystal ball. She is swathed in a robe of blue with her neck, fingers and headdress adorned with brightly-colored jewels as she sits on an ornate throne with a shell for a headrest and cat-like cherubs at each corner.

This card personifies a character who is compassionate, but restrained. She is sensitive and mindful, one who understands without being told that something is wrong, but knows when to comfort, and when to keep her distance.

Astrological Association & Element

Water / Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

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