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Artist: Raheli Starr

Website: None Given


Wishful thinking, imagination, illusions, daydreams

Artist’s Statement

“The knife thrower’s assistant sits in the face of danger as the knives and projectiles around her pin three cups, mystery, power and the supernatural to the bulls-eye. Meanwhile, two cups serve as her earrings, companionship and fortune. The laurel cups sits on her head as a symbol of victory and the cup she drinks from represents wisdom.

Her face has a defiant smile as she conquers her thoughts, fears and wrangles her wildest dreams. Within all of this, the metaphor of the carnival is present; an idea that envelops all of the elements in this painting.”

Card Meaning

A performer stands before an old wooden board – like it, she is a veteran of the act, nonchalant enough that she idly daydreams while knives fly. But her imagination has led her astray – a cup she drinks from is just an illusion, the snake winding around it symbolizing her wisdom and experience. Six other cups, all figments of her imagination, show different desires, treasure on one by her ear representing wealth, a shrouded figure on another standing for enlightenment.

Each “prize” shown has a darker side – the snake is a dangerous creature, the shrouded figure a ghost, illustrating that dreams help us explore our shadows. But this card warns that there is an inherent danger in dreams themselves, inspirational as they may be, given their rightful time and place. You can get so caught up in your fantasies that you remain immobile, unable to achieve your goals.

Astrological Element & Association

Water / Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

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