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Artist: Brenda Saydak

Website: None Given


Balance, charity, generosity, success

Artist’s Statement

“I chose to represent balance with a tightrope walker, in a rich outfit in sumptuous surroundings. The figure is your, representing the confidence and joy in life of a generous spirit. The balls can be seen as coins – material wealth, or as tools for the clown’s art, representing less tangible riches. The clown itself is androgynous, a balance between male and female, and the little cars are both pathetic and cute – needy, but not totally destitute.

I love the message of this card and had a lot of fun designing it within the carnival theme. I wanted it to be theatrical, rich and whimsical. For me this is a real “feel good” card, a reminder to stay generous of spirit and keep a joyful heart.”

Card Meaning

A clown stands, juggling balls as she performs acrobatics on a rope. She has perfected her act, and now involves the awaiting cats – her act representing a person who is materially comfortable, and willing to share. As she takes one ball from above, she passes another below her, but in this case the balance has been thrown off. These cats are part of the show, but remain passive, unwilling to play with the balls passed to them – one lying near them, already discarded, with no need of the next proffered by the clown.

This card represents a need for balance – a willingness to share when times are good, but cautions against giving for giving’s sake. Give and take are a part of life, but we should only take what is needed, we should only give what is wanted, and nothing more.

Astrological Element & Association

Earth / Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

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